Final Panther Assault

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Check out my new game! Look for Final Panther Assault on the IOS App Store. Requires iOS 8.0 or above.


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Bloomfield College

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Back to the daily grind tommorow.  Classes resume, books need to be secured, homework has to be completed on time.  Sure does sound fun.

Computer/Game Programing

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I have extensively began teaching myself computer programing languages.  My major at Bloomfield College is video game development.  I have took one class that taught unity and C# programing.  It was my first programing class and I found myself lost most of time even though I did mange to get an A in the class.  I have started learning programing on my own for games and iOS applications.  I have a few game and app ideas that I want to create.  I have been studying the material none stop and have been watching the Stanford University App development videos.  I am starting to pick up the material and am learning how to implement the code.  It is an hard process and programing is a specific skill set that can take a long time to learn.  I believe that my dedication will pull me through.  I will be posting anything that I learn or any projects I complete for anyone that is interested in programing.

Year After Review: Tritton Ax 720

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Tritton Ax 720 Gaming Headset Review.
After a year on the shelves at game stores, the Tritton Ax 720 Headset is still one of the best headsets on the market. The Tritton Headset will run you a nice price of 120 dollars in stores. The first unique feature about the Tritons’ is that they work across all major platforms (Xbox360, PS3, PC). As well as listen to in game sounds and chat you can also use them to simply watch a movie or music in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.
The entire package includes the decoder box (mix amp), detachable microphone, optical cable, power plug, volume controller and pc connector. Setup of the device is pretty straight forward, but it can leave you with an array of wires running across the floor. The headset does come with an instruction book to make setup a lot easier.
The headset at a glance is substantially bulky. They are size adjustable to fit all head types. I did find the headphones comfortable to wear after long periods of intense gaming despite the bulkiness. A downside of the headset is they aren’t very flexible and may crack with minor pressure. I have actually cracked one of my headphones cups, but have reinforced it with electrical tape. They are made out of a hard plastic that does not offer much movement.
I have found sound quality of the headset to be very crisp, picking out the most indistinguishable noises while in game play. Listening to teammates or my fellow party chat member was also enjoyable for the most part with some quality decrease. While talking on the headset I have found that people can hear me clearly despite not speaking loudly. Yelling into the microphone was not needed.
The headset has proven to be one of the best despite their being a year old. They are offered at a reasonable price and should be considered when look for a new gaming headset.

Tech Time: The Decline of RIM

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The Decline of RIM
With the release of the iPhone and the more customizable Android OS devices, RIM has been on the decline ever since. In my opinion RIM has not been sufficient in giving consumers what they desire in a smartphone. The consumer base wants “Super Phones” and luxurious application stores. RIM is certainly not delivering that.
One of RIM’s most powerful phones, the Blackberry Bold 9930 only sports a 1.2 Gigahertz processor and has 768 MB of Ram. It has a mediocre screen resolution and a decent 5 MP camera that does record in 720P HD. RIM’s Blackberry 7 OS is also lacking in my opinion in terms of feature.
Current phones such as the Galaxy S II feature a 4.3 AMOLED display, 8 MP camera and a 1.2 GHz dual-core chipset. Consumers want blazing fast phones to get information as quickly as possible. Abundant App Stores are also required, because the majority want apps to quickly access their favorite social networks, games and personal data.
In 2008 the revenue of RIM for the fiscal fourth quarter was 1.88 billion dollars. Handheld devices held 81% of the 1.88 billion dollars. This is the time period where Apple and Android were starting to poke their heads into the mobile markets. The revenue for the 2011 third fiscal quarter was only 265 million. With these numbers you can see their drop in quarterly revenue even though this number doesn’t account for just phone sales. Now that Apple and Android are more prominent in the market RIM is having a hard time with sales.
Visually, the sales loss is becoming more apparent. As a gadget lover I pay attention to what phones are being used out in the world. I am seeing less BlackBerrys everyday being used by consumers. When I do see one I can’t help ask myself “WHY?”

With fighting games, players are always suggesting re-balancing and the fixing of characters.  Well Capcom has answered the prayers of Street Fighter 4 players.  The new patch will be available December 13 on Xbox and PS3 for free.  Check out the new trailer with some of the new changes that will be included in the patch.


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I’m Back!!!!!

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Took a small break from the blog to get some things straight.  I was recently in a Street Fighter 4 AE tournament a few weeks and made it to Grand Finals.  I fought EMP Hiro and lost to him to take second place in the tournament.  Any readers out their post about your tournament experiences and any triunphs or defeats that you have been through.